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Buddhism in India has flourished and seen a very steady growth under the Maurya Empire lead by King Ashoka who did the endorsement in the late 3rd Century Bc.It flourished and spread beyond the Indian sub-continent to Central Asia & China.Later,a steady decline of Buddhism in India set in during the Gupta period and under the Pala Empire.Buddhists Tours to India from all over the world flourished because of the followers of Buddhism, who are called Buddhists in English, referred to themselves as Saugata.Other terms were Sakyans or Sakyabhiksu in ancient India.Sakyaputto was another term used by Buddhists,as well as Ariyasavako and Jinaputto.Lots of pilgrims are coming every year for taking Buddhist Tours to India. Buddhist tours recounts the history of Buddhism in India, and covers the teachings and precepts of the different perspectives from the early beginnings.Buddhist tours have got most pilgrims attractions increasing every year.

Whether it is only for Buddhist monastery tours to India or Buddhist pilgrimage tour. The Buddhist architecture has its root deeply implanted in the Indian soil as Stupas,Pagodas,Monastery & Caves. The Buddhist architecture began with the development of various symbols, representing aspects of the Buddha's life (563 BCE - 483 BCE).It was the Indian emperor Ashoka, who not only established Buddhism as the state religion of his large Magadh empire,but also opted for the architectural monuments to spread Buddhism in different places that lead for Buddhist Monastery tours & Buddhist pilgrimage tour to India in the modern era. The Buddhist temples in India are superb examples of the temple architecture with the most prominent one at Bodh Gaya (Mahabodhi temple), the place of the Buddha's enlightenment. Other major Buddhist temples in India, which are fine examples of the community of monks, presents fine example of the Buddhist architecture and charismatic Buddhist spirituality. In India, the ruins of the Nalanda monastic university and the ancient monasteries at Sarnath, whose ruins are still present along with some of the latest ones, still depicts the golden past of Buddhism and developed architectural style in India.

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Buddhism In India

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