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Buddhism In India offers wide-ranging of Buddhist tour packages, our forte being Buddhist circuit tours as well as spiritual tours (Yoga and Meditation), culture tours, etc., which not only covers all the major Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India, but also neighboring countries like Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Tibet, etc. We provide the most reliable tourist guide which has utmost importance in Buddhism tour and the history of Buddhism.

Jatak signifies the Jatak tales, which entails the stories of previous life of Lord Buddha. We have been greatly inspired by His ideologies, preaching and thoughts. And that is what led to the inception of Jatak Travels!

We are an established Inbound Tour Operator dealing with a variety of specialized tours, our forte being Buddhist circuit tours as well as Spiritual Tours (Yoga & Meditation), Culture Tours, etc. We are a team of young professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the related field. We are committed to ethical way of working which is rare to be found these days. During the tour a high quality of personalized service with smile and enthusiasm, after sales service, prompt reply and innovative offers are some of the feedbacks that have received from our guests.

We have a wide network of our associate offices all over India with the head office being in Varanasi, which is the center of Buddhist circuit. This is the very place where Lord Buddha had preached his first sermon and the Buddhism spread all over the world.

In the changed scenario of travel trends all over the world, one must change and be more sensitive towards the need of discerning traveler and this is what we take great care of. Especially in the Buddhist sector, where it is of great importance to have a very good escort / guide, we provide the most reliable people for the purpose. The very fact that we get so many repeaters and recommendations for the same escorts / guides shows their utmost confidence towards our services.

Moreover, we make it a point to keep all our overseas operators well informed of the latest happenings in any field related to tourism, e.g. any new hotels coming up, any new product or roads, etc. This keeps you updated and gives you mileage over the other agents.

Our value added packages always provide the clients more than what they expect and this is one of our policies to let them have the optimum satisfaction. It could be free Yoga classes & demonstration either at Bodhgaya or Varanasi in case of Buddhist circuit groups for example.

So, we present over here our country in a platter for you to see it to believe how exciting, enticing and incredible India is - a combination of ancient and modern; rich and poor; most diverse landscapes; the glow in the eyes if its children, the great traditions and value system; colourful festivals and myriad hues…just to name a few!!!

See you in India!

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